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Types of Restraining Orders in Oregon And How They Protect You

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Restraining orders can provide crucial protection for individuals facing threats or harassment. In Oregon, several types of restraining orders are available, each serving a specific purpose. Understanding these options can help you navigate the legal process and ensure your safety. In this blog post, we will explore Oregon's different types of restraining orders and how they can protect you.

Types of Restraining Orders In Oregon

Emergency Protective Orders (EPOs)

If you are in immediate danger, an Emergency Protective Order can provide swift protection. Law enforcement officers typically issue this type of order and offer temporary relief until you can obtain a more permanent restraining order. EPOs are designed to safeguard victims of domestic violence, harassment, or stalking.

Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA) Restraining Orders

FAPA restraining orders are specifically aimed at protecting victims of domestic abuse. Suppose you are a family or household member and have experienced abuse. In that case, this type of order can help ensure your safety. FAPA restraining orders can include no-contact orders, requiring the abuser to stay away from your residence or workplace.

Stalking Protective Orders

Stalking can be a terrifying experience, causing significant distress and fear. Stalking Protective Orders are specifically designed to protect individuals who are being stalked. These orders can prohibit the stalker from contacting you, approaching your home or workplace, or engaging in any form of harassment.

Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities Abuse Prevention Act (EPPDAPA) Restraining Orders

EPPDAPA restraining orders protect elderly persons and individuals with disabilities from abuse. If you or a loved one is facing abuse or exploitation, this type of order can provide the necessary protection. EPPDAPA restraining orders can restrict the abuser's contact and grant you peace of mind.

Sexual Abuse Protective Orders

Victims of sexual abuse may find solace in obtaining a Sexual Abuse Protective Order. These orders are specifically designed to protect individuals who have experienced sexual abuse, assault, or rape. They can prohibit the abuser from contacting you, coming near your residence, or engaging in any form of harassment.

When facing threats or harassment, taking immediate action to protect yourself is crucial.

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