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Does a Restraining Order Appear on a Background Check?

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If someone has filed a restraining order against you, you may wonder, "does a restraining order show up on a background check?".

When applying for housing, employment, and other important elements of daily life, you’ll want to know what people will be able to see on your background check. Having a restraining order on your record may put a damper on your plans.

Keep reading to learn if a restraining order will appear on a background check in the state of Oregon.

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Are Restraining Orders Public Record?

Another question you may have is, "is a restraining order public record?" Since restraining orders are technically part of the public record, it’s probable that the order will appear on a background check.

In order for someone to obtain the information on your public record in Oregon, they’ll need to search the court database for your name.

Current and Past Records

A background check that includes inspecting the state’s court records will disclose the restraining order. It doesn’t matter whether the restraining order is currently ongoing or if it was a temporary order in the past.

Most thorough background checks examine court records, so the record of the restraining order will most likely be revealed to the person looking for it.

Get Ahead Of It

If you’ve had a restraining order filed against you and someone is conducting a background check on you, it’s a good idea to get ahead of the situation by telling the person up-front about the order.

This gives you a chance to explain yourself as to why the restraining order was filed against you.

If you don’t disclose the information and it is found on your background check later, it may appear as if you were attempting to hide it.

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