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Why Choose a Domestic Partnership Over Marriage?

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More and more people are choosing to stray from tradition and live their lives in different ways. One clear example of this is declining marriage rates. While hoping to find a romantic life partner, many young people are not as interested in the idea of a legally binding marriage. Why are people choosing to live as domestic partners rather than spouses?

What is a Domestic Partnership in Oregon?

There are two types of domestic partnerships in Oregon: “registered” and “unregistered.”

“Registered” domestic partners, similar to married spouses, have a legal relationship. They have filed to enter a domestic partnership and are able to share many of the rights that married couples have. To enter a domestic partnership in Oregon, the couple must be of the same-sex, at least 18 years old, and share a domestic life together. Essentially, they live as if they are married.

“Unregistered” domestic partners, on the other hand, do not have a legal relationship. They have not filed for their relationship to be recognized by the State. Additionally, unregistered domestic partners can be same or opposite sex couples. However, they too share a domestic life. The main difference is that they do not have the legal distinction as domestic partners and do not have some of the benefits of their registered counterparts.

Choosing Domestic Partnership Instead of Marriage

There are a few main reasons why choosing to live as domestic partners is better for some couples. First, some associate marriage with the looming threat of divorce. Statistics about how common divorce is have been circulating for some time, making many individuals scared to enter a doomed marriage. Divorce is not only emotionally trying but can have major financial ramifications as well.

Others feel more comfortable keeping their relationship private and unknown to the government, thus remaining long-term “unregistered” domestic partners. It’s important to note, though, that unregistered domestic partners may run into future issues with estate planning, child custody, or separation because their relationship is not legally recognized.

Domestic partners also have the ability to get married in the future, should they decide that is what they’d like to do.

Domestic Partnership Attorneys in Bend, Oregon

If you have questions about domestic partnerships in Oregon, our team at Baxter Law, LLC has the answers. If you are considering entering a domestic partnership, or have other concerns regarding your unregistered domestic partnership, contact our team today for a consultation.