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Who Is Eligible To Enter a Domestic Partnership in Oregon?

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In Oregon, there are two forms of a “Domestic Partnership.” A “registered” domestic partnership and an “unregistered” domestic partnership. Registered domestic partnerships were first offered to same-sex couples in Oregon in 2008. Since then, same-sex marriage has been legalized at the federal level. You may be wondering, did the legalization of same-sex marriage affect who can enter a “registered” domestic partnerships in Oregon?

Criteria for Entering a “Registered” Domestic Partnership

Same-sex couples may choose to enter a “registered” domestic partnerships in Oregon.

To qualify:
● Each party must be at least 18 years old
● One party must be an Oregon resident
● Neither party can be legally married in any jurisdiction
● The couple cannot be related by blood
● The couple must have shared a residence for at least six months
● The couple must share joint responsibility for their household and shared life

“Unregistered” Domestic Partnerships in Oregon

Some couples may meet the above criteria, but have not officially filed to be in a legally recognized domestic partnership. If this is true for you and your partner, you may be in an “unregistered” domestic partnership. Additionally, you may be in an “unregistered” domestic partnership as a heterosexual couple, whereas “registered” domestic partnerships are only available to those of the same-sex. “Unregistered” domestic partners may encounter more obstacles when handling legal matters such as estate planning or family law issues because they do not have a legal connection. These matters, particularly “unregistered” domestic partnerships often involve numerous areas of law and thus, are difficult to navigate even for couples who are legally married or registered as domestic partners.

Bend, Oregon Domestic Partnership Attorneys

If you and your partner share a life together, you may feel you want to register as domestic partners. On the other hand, you may be comfortable with your situation as it stands. In other circumstances, you and your partner may have formed an “unregistered” domestic partnership without knowing you may have. In either case, Baxter Law, LLC can help you navigate any concerns you may have about your registered or unregistered domestic partnership. If you would like to register, our team can help guide you throughout the process. If you need assistance handling other legal matters that are impacted by your unregistered status, we are here to help with that too. Contact our team today at (541) 238-9210 to discuss your situation with our domestic partnership attorneys.