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Bizarre Oregon Family Laws

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Each state has its own arrangement of bizarre rules and regulations that sets it apart from other states. Read on to learn about some of Oregon’s bizarre family laws.

Bizarre State Family Laws in OR

The following list provides information about some of the stranger family laws in Oregon:

Oregon Child Support Cannot Be Countered

Child support in Oregon is typically set in stone. There is little wiggle room when it comes to child support in the state of Oregon. The state administers an online calculator that determines child support payment amounts. Legally, neither parent is allowed to request a counter, in which the judge could change the child support payment amount. It is uncommon for a judge to sway from the child support calculation sum.

Parents with Primary Custody Cannot Move Out of State

It is challenging to move away with the kids. Most Oregon courts will not allow a parent with primary custody of the children to permanently leave the state if the other parent disagrees with the decision. This makes it so the parent with primary custody is stuck in the state until their children turn 18.

Parenting Plans are Decided by the Judge

Judges have a lot of authority regarding parenting plans. That means the judge has the power to make whatever decisions they believe are best for the children. Oftentimes, people prefer to settle family law cases outside of court, which can be very difficult if your attorney can’t predict what the judge is expected to order. Parenting plans can be anywhere from 50/50 to one parent receiving decidedly little parenting time.

Spousal Support is Decided by the Judge

Judges have a lot of authority regarding spousal support. Similar to the parenting plan, judges are allowed to make whatever decisions they believe are best for the children regarding spousal support. That means it is difficult for a skilled attorney to predict what a judge will decide.

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