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Are All Drugs Decriminalized in Oregon?

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Although some drugs have been decriminalized in Oregon, there is still a lot of confusion over how exactly the state deals with illegal drug use. This article will attempt to clear up this confusion by examining which drugs are decriminalized and under what circumstances they can be used legally. We'll take a look at not only current laws but also proposed legislation and future initiatives that could lead to further changes.

Existing Legislation

Measure 110

Oregon voters approved Measure 110 in November 2020, which decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugs, including cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine, and oxycodone, for personal use. Oregon is the only US state to have enacted this policy.

The state has implemented a health-based approach to addiction and overdose. This policy recognizes the seriousness of the problem, provides access to treatment and recovery services, and prevents people from being criminalized due to their addictions. It also reduces expensive costs associated with criminal punishments while increasing access to treatment and recovery services.

Senate Bill 755

Senate Bill 755 (2021) modified some of the requirements of Measure 110 and provided details for implementation.

Changes include relabeling Addiction Recovery Centers to Behavioral Health Resource Networks, establishing the Oversight and Accountability Council to grant funds to providers, ensuring access to culturally specific care for underserved populations, adding Class E violation details, Secretary of State auditing requirements, clarifying possession of substances and differentiating offenses based on quantity in possession.

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