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Should I Discuss My Estate Plan Over the Holidays?

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With the calendar year coming to a close, you may be wondering if it is a good time to discuss your estate plan with your loved ones. Are the holidays the right time to have these talks? Well, it depends. Our team at Baxter Law, LLC has put together some things you should consider when deciding whether or not to broach the topic of estate planning at your upcoming holiday gatherings.

Why It Could Be the Right Time

The holidays may be the perfect time for you to discuss your estate plan with your family. First, these are some of the few times when most or all family members are in one place. This makes it convenient for you to talk with all parties involved. Additionally, this allows you to speak in person rather than over the phone or by text. This can be important when discussing sensitive topics within your estate plan.

If you do choose to have discussions about your estate plan during the holidays, make sure that you choose a comfortable location and give yourselves enough time to go over all aspects of your plan, so the conversation isn’t rushed.

Why It Could Be the Wrong Time

The holidays are a time to focus on love, gratitude, and joy. While estate planning benefits both you and your loved ones, it can also be somewhat depressing to discuss. If you believe your loved ones will have negative or emotional reactions to the conversation, you may want to hold off until after the holidays. Perhaps you can schedule another date when your family can get together or hold a group video call.

Estate Planning Attorneys in Bend, Oregon

No matter when you choose to discuss estate planning with your loved ones, the important thing is that you do have these conversations. If you are ready to start estate planning, have questions, or need guidance, our team at Baxter Law, LLC is here to help. Reach us at (541) 238-9210 or click here to request a consultation with our estate planning lawyers.