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How Common is Getting Back Together After Getting Divorced?

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When spouses get divorced, they often think it’s forever. However, this isn’t the case for all couples. Some couples go through the entire divorce process only to find they want to be together again.

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Divorced Couples Remarrying

In general, it’s rare for divorced spouses to remarry each other. This happens in less than 10% of cases. However, when ex-spouses do get remarried, those marriages have a high success rate of approximately 72%.

When divorced spouses get remarried, it’s often because:

  • The separation made them realize they missed each other
  • Enough time has passed to heal relational wounds
  • They date other people and realize the unique connection they had/have with their ex-spouse
  • Spouses get over bad habits that strained the relationship (gambling, alcoholism, anger, etc.)

While two people finding their way back to one another is a beautiful thing, it also shows how these couples may have benefitted from legal separation over divorce. Let’s go over the difference.

Legal Separation

If you and your spouse are considering divorce but have hopes of potential reconciliation, a legal separation will be a better option for you. A legal separation is like a divorce in that it allows each spouse space and time individually. During a legal separation, the court can enforce support and custody orders like they would for a divorce. However, a legal separation does not require an official end to the marriage. This means that if you and your spouse reconcile, you can simply file to end the legal separation and your status will be reverted back to legally married.

Legal separation is also beneficial for couples who are on the fence about divorce because:

  • It saves you time and money, you don’t have to go through divorce litigation
  • You can maintain health and retirement benefits while separated
  • You can keep your separation private
  • It gives you time to figure out if your next steps are for divorce or a reunion

Divorce and Legal Separation Lawyers in Bend, Oregon

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